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Graduation Party Photo Booth Props

Wow, how time flys! I've been working on a lot of new things for you guys and these graduation party photo booth props are for all of you who are planning a graduation party. It's such a busy time of year & if you are anything like me, you are scrambling to get everything together.

Now, I can Pinterest plan a party like there's no tomorrow, but putting things in motion, well that takes some last minute adrenaline. ;)

Printable Photo Booth Props for your Graduation Party

DIY photo booths are so popular these days and it's such a perfect thing to have at a graduation party. Graduations symbolize an end of one season and a beginning of another & it's so fun to look back at all those goofy pics! 

These photo booth props were made with all of those funny yearbook classifications in mind. You know .. Most Popular, Teachers Pet, etc... (Quick, pin this to your party planning board!)

 Graduation Party Photo Booth Props

You guys. These are so so easy. Just scroll down, choose the COLOR or BLACK AND WHITE version. Download them from dropbox, and print them out. I printed them on white card stock. Picked up a package of bamboo bbq skewers from the dollar store, and just used packing tape to tape them to the back of each word bubble. Super easy!

Then I just popped them into a cute mason jar vase I had. Set them out next to the photo booth, and check that one off of your list.

Printable Grad Party Photo Booth Props

This year I used the black & white props, and instead of the bamboo skewers, I taped them to the black & white paper straws. I even added a few of the black tassels to a few. Feel free to add your touch. 

Graduation Photo Booth Props  | Print your own yearbook style photo booth props with this free download from LaLa Confetti.

So, how do you get your copy of the super fun graduation party photo booth props you ask? Easy Peasy ... Download Here