Wedding Day Packing List: Bridesmaid Edition

What should bridesmaids pack for the big day?

When it comes to being a bridesmaid in a wedding, preparedness is your new bestie. The day may begin early in the morning and hopefully, ends after midnight. And you better believe there isn’t a lot of time for a Target run. That’s why packing your wedding day tote bag with all the essentials is crucial for a successful day.

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Tote Bag.  First, you want to start with a high-quality tote bag. Of course, you want a cute bridesmaid tote bag, but you want to make sure it’s durable and roomy enough for all your goodies.
Snackies.  Bring both carbs and protein to keep you going all day. Even the best laid plans sometimes get thrown off course, and lunch may be the first thing to go. Make sure you bring a snack for the bride, as well.
Comfortable Shoes.  Throw a pair of comfy flats or flip flops at the bottom of your bag. You can use them while you’re getting ready and when your feet start yelling at you from the dance floor.
Makeup Essentials.  You’ll probably have a full face of makeup on, so you’ll only need your favorite touch up products:  lipstick, powder, mascara, maybe eye liner. Throw some oil blotting sheets and lip balm in your cosmetic bag, too.
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A Mini Medicine Cabinet.  Even if you aren’t prone to headaches, allergies or stomach woes; this is the day someone is bound to come down with a mini ailment. You’ll want to pack a few ibuprofen, allergy pills, tummy meds, bandages, hand sanitizer, a tampon or two and eye drops.
Electronics.  Pack your phone and phone charger. If you won’t be around any outlets, stash a portable charger as well. Bonus points if you can squeeze in a blue tooth speaker to really get the party started.
Water Tumbler and Straw.  A wedding day makes for a long day! Make sure you stay hydrated with a tumbler kept close by. Straws are a great idea to keep your lipstick looking freshly applied.  
Uh-Oh Extras.  Alright this list is long, but don’t worry – all the items are small. Throw these in a separate cosmetic pouch to keep them from snagging on anything else. In this bag you’ll want to stash some extra bobby pins and hair ties, a few cotton swabs, a small pack of tissues, double stick tape, a couple safety pins, a hotel sewing kit, your smallest hair brush, small scissors (even nail scissors would work), travel sized hairspray, tweezers, a nail file and a few stain remover wipes.
Good Smelling Stuff.  You’ll want to be as fresh as a daisy all day. Make sure you pack deodorant. You’ll also want to pack mints to keep your breath smelling nice. Mints are better than gum on a photography heavy day.
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Mini Wallet.  You probably won’t need much, but don’t be the one who doesn’t have your ID when the bride wants to go out at 1 am. A credit card and a little cash (smallish bills in case you need to do some tipping throughout the day) should round out your mini wallet.
SPF Stick.  This one I didn’t think about until my arms roasted in the California sun at a beautiful wedding one Saturday in September. If you’re going to be outside – pack this one for sure. A stick makes for the easiest application.
Last but not least, a good attitude. This is one of the most important days of the bride’s life. Your job as a bridesmaid is to make sure she can enjoy it as much as possible. Be courteous, positive and fun-loving to ensure the entire group has an awesome day.