Wedding Photo Booth Props

Photo booth pics are so much fun! Especially wedding photo booth pictures!! Seriously, something about them makes people get a little goofy & that makes for great memories. 

I designed these photo booth props to be super easy, cheap (free!) and fun! There's a little bit of something for everyone in this pack. From the I'll be your shot of whiskey, You be my glass of Wine to SELFIE! 


Wedding Photo Booth Props

Photo booths are such an awesome way to capture unexpected and sweet moments at a wedding reception. Sometimes silly, sometimes kuh-razy ... but always fun to go back and see what your guests were up to while you were working the room.

The printable photo booth props that I made for a graduation party are a very popular download, so I thought I would make some with a wedding in mind. My wedding anniversary is in September and I wish we had these awesome photo booths & fun props back when we got married.

Throwback to my day where we had disposable cameras at each table. Uh-huh, don't ask how those turned out!

You can print it them on any printer, but you'll want to use a heavy weight card stock paper to print onto (check that your printer will accept this kind of paper.) There are 7 pages in the file.

Using scissors, trim around each shape and then tape a dowel rod or popsicle stick to the back. It's really that simple!

Cheers! It's time to par-tay ... Download here