8 Unique and Fun Guest Book Alternatives

You've heard it before, you'll hear it again - your wedding day goes by in the blink of the eye! One way to remember the people who were there and celebrated with you is a wedding guest book. And guest books have come a long way - they don't have to be plain and boring. Check out our ideas for 8 fun and unique guest book alternatives to display at your wedding. 

1. Words of Advice Have your guests write their marriage advice to you and your new hubby on a small piece of sturdy paper. Store these in a decorative jar and bust it out every so often to read their advice and reminisce about those who took the time to write it out for you. 
cute guest book ideas
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2. Playing Games Have your guests sign their name and a short message on your favorite board game. Whether it's Monopoly, Jenga or a puzzle, you'll have fun looking back at the names while you're actually having some fun playing the game as newlyweds.
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3. Photo Fun Everyone loves a good photo. If your reception is going to have a photo booth, use those pictures for a memorable wedding guest book. If not, simply put out a Polaroid or Instax for your guest to capture some fun moments.  
wedding guest book alternatives
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4. Mad Libs for the Win Pass out customized Mad Libs to all your guests. Give them a cute place to drop them before the night ends and you'll end up with funny stories and advice from your guests to cherish for years to come. 
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5. Make a Quilt Set out fabric markers and squares of fabric for guests to write their names and messages. Have all the squares sewn together to make a quilt as an alternative to a traditional guest book. Choose colors to match your wedding to remember your reception decor. 
wedding guest book alternatives
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6. Thumbprint Artwork If you're wanting to add in the slightest bit of finger painting, try letting your guests make their mark, literally. Set out an easy-to-clean stamp pad or small container of paint and let the guests add their thumbprint to a canvas. guest book alternatives
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7. Map or Globe Have your guests sign their name by the city they're coming from. This one works exceptionally well with couples who have a large attendance of out-of-town guests. Your new map or globe can be displayed in your home and you and your hubby can even add to it with your own traveling adventures.

unique guest book alternatives
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8. Furniture A bench, side table or even a piece of wood you can display is a unique guest book alternatives - especially for an outdoor or rustic wedding. Make sure you test out that your writing utensils will work on the wood you choose. 
cute guest book alternatives

Whether you decide on a traditional guest books or something more unique - a wedding guest book is a great way to capture even more memories of your special day! Happy Wedding Planning!