10 Last Minute Wedding Planning Reminders

Wedding planning can take months, sometimes even years. And once your big ticket items are checked off your wedding planning list - it's easy to want to kick up your heels and call it a day. Not so fast, there are plenty more wedding details you'll want to handle, some of which you may not even realize. These 10 last minute wedding planning reminders will make your life as a bride-to-be easier and help your wedding day run as smooth as possible. 

1. Give yourself a planning deadline. This may sound counter-intuitive, but you will be much more relaxed leading up to your wedding day if you're not doing wedding crafts or seating assignments the night before. Set a date and stick with it - two weeks before is great if you can do it! You'll probably end up with enough last minute wedding planning details (see below) to keep yourself busy. 

2. Enlist some help. There are so many things your parents, future in-laws and bridesmaids would love to help with - if you let them! Some items they can help with: getting together tips for your vendors (seal in envelopes with names for easy distribution), checking with vendors to see who need meals at the reception (it may just be your photographer), and calling to confirm appointments like hair, makeup, music and transportation.
last minute wedding planning tips
Photo via: Aly May 

3. Remind your photographer of your must-have shots. Have to have a "ring-on-your-bouquet" photo? Doing a first look? Make sure your photographer is in the loop on your must-have shots prior to your wedding day. It's one last thing you'll need to worry about on your actual wedding day. 

4. Pack, but don't over pack. You'll need separate bags for both your wedding day/night and your honeymoon. And even though your focus is on your wedding - start packing for your honeymoon as soon as you can! It's one less thing you'll have to worry about the day after your wedding when you're exhausted. When it comes to packing your bag for the wedding day - you want to be strategic - only packing what you need and some extra items for emergencies. We're a big fan of back up shoes for the dance floor. 
last minute wedding planning tipsPhoto via: Aly May

5. Pick a point person. Even if you don't have a wedding planner, designate someone who can help with any last minute issues that may arise. We recommend choosing someone you're close to, but isn't in the wedding party, so if they have to run a quick errand, because you forgot the marriage license at your house, they can. Maybe an aunt, a cousin or friend? Give your point person's name and number to any vendors who may need it. Remember to send a thank you note and present to your point person for helping out. 

6. Don't forget your marriage license or wedding rings. Firstly, don't forget to actually get them. And secondly, don't forget to pack them for your wedding day. Your officiant will sign your marriage license to make your marriage legal. Give bridal party members both of these responsibilities so you're not stressing about them on your big day. 

last minute wedding planning tips

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7. Get your gifts home. 
At the end of your wedding night, you're going to have many lovely presents from many lovely people. Don't leave them at your venue. Make a plan with your venue and a couple family members or friends to get your gifts where they need to be. Some venues will even save them for you and you can get them the next day if that works better. 

8. Get your gifts ready. A lot of people have helped make your wedding a reality and we know you want to thank them for their contribution. Get all your gifts for your bridal party, parents and the groom packed and ready to go. Not doing a Groom's gift? Simply write a note he can open and read the day of your wedding. He'll love it. 
last minute wedding tips

9. Make sure your music is on point. Get your playlists ready! Whether it's for your besties while you're getting ready, the party bus, the ceremony, the reception or all of the above; make sure you have your music ready to go. If you're having a band or DJ, confirm your official dance songs with them, along with your must-play songs for the reception. 

10. Have your final dress fitting and pick up your dress. Final wedding dress fittings are best done 1-2 weeks before your wedding date. Usually, only small alternations are done at this fitting and your dress will be ready either right then or soon after. Once you pick it up, store your dress is safe place so it stays perfect. Hang your undergarments on the hanger so they're ready to go! 

Working on these last minute wedding details a few weeks, or even the week of, is always better than the night before. The more relaxed you are as a bride, the more you can enjoy your wedding day. And that makes a successful wedding! Happy Planning!