What to Pack on Your Wedding Day

Planning, more planning and then a little more planning - that's how you may feel during your engagement leading up to your wedding. And the planning doesn't stop on your big day. You want to make sure you've packed a bag with all your wedding day essentials and are prepared for whatever comes your way. You'll probably have a place to stash a bag somewhere, but you'll want to put a bridesmaid in charge of it so you're not carrying it around all day. Check out our ideas for what a bride should pack on her wedding day.

Dress, shoes, undergarments and jewelry. Okay, maybe this one goes without saying; but you don't want to be uncomfortable because you forgot to pack the right bra and undies. At your last dress try-on; make sure you bag up your shoes, undergarments and jewelry and put them all on a hanger on the outside of your pressed dressed ready to go! Keep your wedding rings for the actual ceremony separate for easy access. Make sure you have any hair or dress accessories that you're planning to wear the day-of. And a travel steamer (if you've tested it first) is a good idea if you got some major wrinkles in your dress while transporting it.

wedding day packing list for brides
Photo: Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

You'll want to bring a small toiletry bag with essentials like deodorant, wet wipes, ibuprofen, bobby pins, hair ties, hairspray, hand sanitizer, hair brush/comb, nail file, stomach meds and eye drops. If you're going to be in the sun, add a sun block stick to your bag too. If you're wearing your hair down and will have a place for your bridesmaids to touch up your style, a curling iron or flat iron would be good to throw in your bag, as well. 

Make sure to pack your makeup. Even if you're getting your makeup done by a professional, you'll still want to make sure you pack the essentials for touch ups. And if you're a makeup minimalist, grab an extra lipstick (in the color you've tested out), oil blotting sheets to stop the sheen for pictures, eyelash glue if you're wearing falsies and a mirrored compact. If you're getting your makeup done at 7 in the morning, a makeup bag with powder, blush, bronzer, mascara, eye liner and concealer for touch ups is a good idea. Wrap your makeup case in a clean towel or big t-shirt that your bridesmaids can hold up over your dress to keep your dress pristine. 

wedding day packing list for brides
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A light snack, water and mints. It's a day when it's easy to forget to eat, but you need to stay nourished and keep hydrated if you want to feel good and enjoy your day. Mints will keep your breath fresh and won't get in the way of pictures like gum can. 

Important paperwork should be packed in its own pocket folder or large envelope. In here you want your wedding day itinerary, important phone numbers, copies of emails from wedding vendors, tip money for vendors and your marriage license. Hand off the tip money and marriage certificate to a trusted friend or family member to handle so you don't have to. 

An emergency kit is a must-pack. While every bride's kit looks a little different, you'll want to include a sewing kit, small scissors, safety pins, double sided tape, stain remover wipes, band-aids and tissues. If you don't have a wedding planner, think about your decorations and if there is anything that doesn't show up - what would you need in it place? Maybe some extra candles? Think about those things and pack them and hand off to someone who could help out if needed. Throw in some flat shoes too so you can change when your feet start hurting. Think it may rain? Toss in an umbrella

wedding day packing list
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Cell phone, charger and wireless speaker. While you won't be on your phone much on your wedding day, it's still nice to have it for any important numbers or reminder, plus for the camera if you need to capture something while your professional photographer isn't around. You want to make sure you have some playlists ready to go and a wireless speaker to easily play the music. 

Happy planning!