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Luck Happens When Opportunity and Preparation Meet

I'm so excited to share with you what we've been working on here in the shop! 

Just before the pandemic hit, in the Fall of 2019, we opened up a local boutique in the front of our shop. For a variety of reasons, I decided to close it just a few months later for the extent of the pandemic. Now that things are opening back up, I've been trying to figure out the best way to provide in person shopping to our customers. 

This has been a challenge. Our location isn't the best for retail and staffing extra hours outside of our normal operating hours (8-4:30 Monday - Friday) is difficult when you don't have foot traffic coming in the doors. So until now, we're 100% focused on our online operations. 

Formatted to fit your phone. 

I've always been a firm believer that luck happens when you are prepared for the opportunities that present themselves and that is exactly what happened!

Opportunities presented themselves recently and I'm so happy that we were prepared to jump on them! 

Back in February I started doing some work on creating a sister brand. The concept for this line of products is to make items that are not personalized. Of course, they are still great quality items made with the utmost care. 

I wanted to be able to get our products into more physical retail spaces but didn't really now how I was going to do it yet. So I started working on a new (but old) brand.

See, back in 2016 when I created LaLa Confetti, there was an alternate name. If you've ever named a business - you know the challenge of settling on a name!! 🤣 

Confetti Made was the alternate name and as I was searching for a new brand name this time, I thought it was actually perfect for what we are doing. 

So when in the span of 1 week I was presented with the opportunity do have our physical products in 2 local spaces, I jumped on it. 

So for our local customers, you are now able to shop at some really cool places! Both of these shops are full of awesome makers and fun finds. 

Makers On Main Street

Columbia, IL

"Started by 4 Moms and small business owners, Makers on Main Street offers both a DIY Studio & Creative Market filled with handmade gifts and home decor from Creatives all the STL area."

If you've shopped at the boutiques in Columbia before, you may know of Roseberry Farms by Deb Lebryk. Deb semi-retired last year and that space is now the Makers on Main Street shop. 

They are planning so many great things, and I am so excited to be able to be a part of this space. 

Be sure to follow them where ever you hang out to see what's happening and the DIY classes that are available (those will be super popular so sign up quick!):

 MOMS on facebook 

MOMS on TikTok

This is the location on Google maps for MOMS:

The Grand Opening starts today! Go and check out all of the 30+ vendors they have in the shop. 


The Painted Tree

"At Painted Tree, you'll find hundreds of local shops under one roof. Shop gifts decor, fashion, and so much more!"

This place is really fun to go to, but make sure you have an hour or more to shop! There are over 150 vendors in the Ballwin location and so many cute things to discover. 

You can keep up with their special events on 

The Painted Tree Ballwin

This is the location on Google maps for The Painted Tree:

They are open everyday from 10-8