Halloween Photobooth & a Free Printable

Halloween is so close! I can feel the chill in the air and I’m not talking about the weather *wink*

All this month, I’ve been giving you some easy, stress-free tips & ideas for planning a Halloween party for kids. I’m back with one more tip - and a freebie!

Halloween Party Photobooth Printable

Long after the party, you’ll have mementos and keepsakes in the form of planning pages you used to prep your party elements, and a favor or two leftover.

Your guests will want to remember, as well. Give them the chance by setting up a fun & haunted photobooth.

Halloween Photo Booth Printable

Here’s a few ideas for making your photobooth truly memorable:

  1. Gather some fun and funny props! A few pairs of glasses, some binoculars, hats, and mustaches. Keep an eye on dollar stores and costume shops for quick & quirky additions for your guests.
  2. Pick a blank wall in your party location. Add simple streamers & balloons as a defining backdrop.
  3. Add a few ‘cue cards’ to help your guests come up with some creative poses funny photo ops.

Halloween Printable

To make your photobooth even easier, I’ve got a quick printable. Download them here.

Boo & Happy Haunting!